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Independent Non-Executive Director of the Main Board (with experience in International Retail)


POSITION: Independent Non-Executive Director of the Main Board (with experience in International Retail

NATURE OF BUSINESS: Listed Retail Group

REPORTS TO: Chairperson of the Board of Directors


The Non-Executive Director should bring an experienced and objective view to Board issues and deliberations. He/she would be expected to have an impact on the Board, providing a dynamic and creative contribution to the strategic direction of the Company as well as on a wide range of business issues. He/she should provide independent oversight and debate the current vision, mission, objectives, values and strategy in order to draw conclusions about the future direction and profitability of the Company, especially in the international retail domain.


  • A relevant tertiary qualification
  • Ideally should have held an Executive role in a leading international retail company
  • Should be a solid operator and seasoned retailer
  • Must be aware of international retailing trends; vigilant of market movements and a solid understanding of various competitors
  • Must have a proven background in developing and executing retail strategies in different markets, ideally emerging markets
  • Must have solid understanding of the retail value chain, novel sales and distribution methods; shopper behaviour (in different channels and formats), and leverage this intelligence to the benefit of the company
  • Should be an innovative thinker and analytical problem-solver with the knowledge to outsmart the competition in a highly competitive market.
  • Should have a strong end-to-end retail solutions experience and the ability to realise superior economic performance improvements
  • Should have a strong commercial acumen and understanding of business generally with an appreciation of broad economic, commercial and international trends, and the ability to guide and assist in the retailing process, offering recommendations on related matters where required

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