Driving Your Own Career Ascent

Many individuals spend time at work giving what they think is their best effort and yet being overlooked for promotions and wondering how the person who got the promotion did it? Has this happened to you? Are you looking for career growth but just not getting where you think you should or would like to be?

A number of key competencies,  if developed early on in a career, can assist an individual on the path to further promotion. Among others, they include:

  • Planning –A skilled planner includes the ability to accurately scope out the length and difficulty of tasks and projects setting objective measurable goals along the way. Work should be broken down into process steps with schedules that clearly show responsibility. Results should be evaluated regularly.
  • Action orientation – enjoys hard work, seizes opportunities as they arise and is full of energy
  • Perseverance – Seldom gives up especially in the face of resistance or setbacks
  • Managing and measuring work – Clear assignment of responsibility for tasks and decisions with easily understood objectives and measures. Designs feedback loops into work.
  • Motivating others – Able to motivate many kinds of direct reports and team or project members. Can assess hot buttons and use it to get the best out of others. Invites input and makes each individual feel that his/her work is important.
  • Command skills – relishes leading and is able to take unpopular stands where necessary. Is looked to for direction in a crisis and faces adversity head on.
  • Energy and drive – It’s not just taking the first step that’s important. It’s making many varied attempts and refusing to rest until there is something in line with defined goals to show for the effort. A result that makes a positive impact on the organisation’s stated objectives. Willingness to act and follow through to achieve high standards can be equated with the price of admission for any leader.
  • Creativity – Comes up with many new and unique ideas and easily makes connections among previously unrelated notions

Research shows that the factors that can most likely derail an individual are performance problems – as a leading factor along with the inability to manage vision and purpose, lack of strategic agility and personal learning.

The competencies above may seem obvious but the ability to develop or avoid them is not. Amrop Woodburn Mann can assist companies to run development competency surveys for senior executives which enhance individuals’ ability to lead organisations and perform at work thereby impacting an organisation’s profitability and long term sustainability.