Corporate Social Investment

Amrop Woodburn Mann partners with various entities to maximise its Corporate Social Investment (CSI) impact. The very nature of our business depends on skilled, well-rounded individuals entering the workplace and we strive to ensure our efforts, whether economic or otherwise, contribute to building and developing South Africa and its individuals.

Some of our key partnerships include: 

Amrop Woodburn Mann has used its considerable experience and expertise to assist Cotlands with the recent appointment of two Non-Executive Directors. Cotlands is a multi-award winning, non-profit organisation with a rich history and over 80 years of experience in serving young children by ensuring that as many potentially vulnerable children as possible have access to play-based early learning opportunities during early childhood.

Hello tutor was established by Andrew Woodburn and a former colleague to grant learners from all walks of life access to diverse, locally developed and curated maths and science video tutorials and extra lessons through an easily accessible online platform. The hello tutor platform operates in schools and educational facilities in various parts of South Africa, through private or corporate-sponsored initiatives.

The ManKind Project South Africa helps men to transcend their current limitations; enabling them to join together and create the structures, institutions and communities that will foster peace, safety and accountability in our societies. Amrop Woodburn Mann contributes financially to the ManKind Project, in addition to several employees giving of their time and efforts to assist and mentor men in vulnerable communities across South Africa.